Dipl.-Ing. Frank Stoelzel – Interim Management

My professional focus is on mechanical engineering and industrial automation technology. In my long history of working in various management roles and in different countries (Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, China) I have been able to build up a very profound knowledge and experience.

Originally I am an electrical engineer with a strong software engineering background. The extensive work in several development projects enabled me to expand my professional competence in the field of mechanical design. In combination with my electrical and software engineering background I am able to combine these 3 worlds of engineering (software development, mechanical and electrical design) with a lot of expertise in a very effective way.

My core competence is the project management applying state-of-the-art and proven working methods. I have a very broad base of experience in the management of product development projects starting at the ideation phase and market analysis, creating  the requirement and functional specifications, over to the development phase, prototyping, test and optimization up to the introduction into serial production. The technical and disciplinary leadership of interdisciplinary teams plays a central role in this process. It is essential to bring together employees from different departments, to form a team, to clearly define and distribute tasks and to ensure optimal communication.

If you are interested, I would be happy to send you a detailed profile of my professional expertise. I look forward to your contacting me by email (interim@stoelzel.eu).